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    While writing my last book, Choices to Changes, I learned that the key to success is consistent daily action. I conducted a 60 day experiment implementing the practices of the 12 confident entrepreneurs featured in the book to raise money to publish the book.

    In 60 days I tripled my income, attracted my ideal clients and was offered speaking engagements. When I stopped implementing those daily practices, I stopped attracting clients and making money.

    I call the daily actions that attracted abundance in my business "The Daily Magnet".

    Download your copy of The Daily Magnet today!

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The Zebra Chronicles by Sheila Kennedy

copy-of-dear-dazzle-15 Dear Dazzle: Offer it again

Dear Dazzle,    It is really easy to stop offering what you have to offer when you hear the word no.  When you offer a product or program and the response is not positive or overwhelmingly yes, we have a tendency to file that away in the category of “no one wanted this” and stop offering it. Sometimes the way we offer is what turns people off.  Sometimes it... Read More

copy-of-dear-dazzle-11 Dear Dazzle: Find a Mirror Holder

Dear Dazzle, Find a mirror holder.  What the heck? It is really easy to plug away day after day and not look in the mirror.  It is easy to think that everything looks good and you are achieving goals until that moment happens.  You really look and see that you are pretty off course from where you would like to be.  It is like looking in the magnifying mirror and seeing... Read More

copy-of-dear-dazzle-43 Dear Dazzle: Sit With It

Dear Dazzle, Today I am asking you to do something hard.  If you are anything like me, you want something to change.  You want to see a positive result.  You want things to look shiny and successful and effortless.   I want all of those things too.  I also have come to understand that shiny, successful and effortless actually arrive with a pretty big price tag.  Usually... Read More

copy-of-dear-dazzle-90 Dear Dazzle: Do Your Part

It seems like a given, but it is amazing to me how often we miss this crucial part of success. We all want to be successful – no one wakes up saying let’s see how I can be a failure today. We want to succeed. We also want ease and grace and fast. That is a great intention to keep setting and aligning your mind and body with, but there is a critical element that... Read More

copy-of-dear-dazzle-14 Dear Dazzle: It is hard to be kind when God is Mean

You know when you are a kid and your parent tells you that you can’t do something or takes something away as a result of something stupid you did. Yeah. We all know what that feels like. You want to have a damn temper tantrum. You can’t see the “wisdom” of why things are turning out the way are, you just want to talk smack and hate on everyone for a little while... Read More

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