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    While writing my last book, Choices to Changes, I learned that the key to success is consistent daily action. I conducted a 60 day experiment implementing the practices of the 12 confident entrepreneurs featured in the book to raise money to publish the book.

    In 60 days I tripled my income, attracted my ideal clients and was offered speaking engagements. When I stopped implementing those daily practices, I stopped attracting clients and making money.

    I call the daily actions that attracted abundance in my business "The Daily Magnet".

    Download your copy of The Daily Magnet today!

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  • The daily Magnet with The Zebra Inc. Attracting Abundance for authors, speakers and entrepreneurs

The Zebra Chronicles by Sheila Kennedy

You don’t fear people whose story you know. Real listening always brings people closer together. The Zebra Chronicles: Be the One. Tell your Story.

  Dialogue.  Sharing.  Relationship. Healing.  That is what creates lasting changes in how someone thinks, feels and behaves.  It isn’t slick rhetoric, scripted speeches or policy changes that rarely address the heart of why things like discrimination and oppression exist. Twenty-five years ago I was trained by National Coalition Building Institute.  I had a heart... Read More

Sheila K (35) The Zebra Chronicles: Showing up at 45

I turned forty-five this week.  I was on retreat for a few days and took time to dive into the Personal Inventory offered in my book, You Had It All Along. I wanted some help defining how I will show up in this world.  The following are touchstones for how I want to live and I am committed to making each one a guiding principle.  I will have tough moments living these out... Read More

Kim Boudreau Smith (10) Confident Entrepreneurs EXPOSED: Christine Baker Marriage

  Christine Baker Marriage is one amazing lady!  She is one of my favorite people ever and I couldn’t imagine her not being a part of Choices to Changes.  Christine’s story hits me in my heart every time and her ‘why’ is so compelling, I can’t help but adjust my behavior and thinking because of it.  She shared her Zebra Moment in Choices... Read More

Kim Boudreau Smith (9) Confident Entrepreneurs EXPOSED: Abby Kohut

I had the privilege of interviewing Abby Kohut for the Confident Entrepreneurs EXPOSED Series and something happened to the recording so if you didn’t catch it live, I unfortunately can’t share it with you.  I will be sure to interview Abby again soon so you can learn more about this amazing woman. I am super excited that Abby is coming to Rochester for POWER Up!... Read More

Kim Boudreau Smith (6) Confident Entrepreneurs EXPOSED: Brooks Hoffos

Brooks Hoffos is one the most humble men I have ever met.  He was an easy choice when I was identifying confident and successful entrepreneurs to interview for Choices to Changes. He is the only one that said he wasn’t sure, because he would have to talk about himself and he doesn’t like to do that.  He attributes his massive success in life to the team he has... Read More

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